Private Equity & Venture Capital Training

“Excellent course and trainer. Course was well structured and very relevant”.

“An engaging speaker. Clearly an expert”.

“Thank you very much – such a worthwhile and informative course!”

Stop press: Keith Arundale’s forthcoming executive training courses in private equity and venture capital, and currently available webinars, are as follows:

A practical introduction to private equity & venture capital – Live at your desk:
(MBL Seminars) 1 and 8 November 2024.
See details at: A Practical Introduction to Private Equity & Venture Capital – Live at Your Desk – Learn Live

Private equity funds and management buyouts – Live at your desk:
(MBL Seminars) 14 and 15 October 2024.
See details at: Private Equity Funds & Management Buyouts – Live at Your Desk – Learn Live

Venture capital investment – Beyond the basics – Live at your desk: 
(MBL Seminars) 6 November 2024.
See details at: Venture Capital Investment – Beyond the Basics – Live at Your Desk – Learn Live

Private equity funds and management buyout deals uncovered (face to face)
(MBL Seminars) tba
See details at: Private Equity Funds & Management Buyout Deals Uncovered

Private Equity & Venture Capital – A Practical Introduction (face to face) (MBL Seminars) London on 16 July 2024.
See details at: Private Equity & Venture Capital – A Practical Introduction

Webinar: Venture capital investment – the essentials
(MBL Seminars) See details at: : Venture Capital Investment – The Essentials – Webinar

Webinar: An introduction to the commercial aspects of private equity funds
(MBL Seminars) See details at: An Introduction to the Commercial Aspects of Private Equity Funds – Webinar

Webinar: Private Equity – An introduction to fund accounting & carried interest
(MBL Seminars) See details at: Private Equity – An Introduction to Fund Accounting & Carried Interest – Webinar

Webinar: An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance (MBL Seminars) See details at: An Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance – Key Insights with Keith Arundale – Webinar

Webinar: Global Trends in Private Equity & Venture Capital Uncovered (MBL Seminars) See details at: Global Trends in Private Equity & Venture Capital Uncovered – Webinar

Webinar: IPOs and AIM – The Basics Explained (MBL Seminars) See details at: IPOs and AIM – The Basics Explained – Webinar

Marketing for private equity professionals (Ascentium Associates) See details at (2) below.


Keith Arundale provides training for professionals and others who need to expand their understanding of private equity and venture capital. Keith provides training independently through Arundale Consulting Limited* and also through third parties: he is a member of the faculty of professional trainers with MBL Seminars (,  Redcliffe Training ( ) and Ascentium Associates ( He also leads executive education courses on private equity & venture capital at the ICMA Centre, Henley Business School, University of Reading ( and has run sessions on PE&VC, through Henley Business School, for a number of Chinese and Korean organisations. 

Keith can provide core or customized in-house courses to suit private equity, accounting, legal and other advisory firms, investors, entrepreneurs and other interested parties on an international basis. He has extensive experience of working on assignments and delivering training courses in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as leading private equity courses in Hong Kong.

Keith’s courses are highly practical and interactive involving case studies, group work, exercises and presentations. All course attendees receive substantial course materials for on-going reference.

Why Keith Arundale training:

  • Recognised expert on the private equity and venture capital industry  (“the person who understands the industry better than anyone else”: quote from MD of well-known PE firm) (“Keith is probably the leading academic authority on private VC activity in the UK”: quote from reviewer of Keith’s new book proposal) 
  • Author of “Venture Capital Performance – A comparative study of investment practices in Europe and the USA” (Routledge), “Raising Venture Capital Finance in Europe” (Kogan Page) and “Guide to Private Equity” (BVCA)
  • Considerable training and speaking experience – on an international basis, including Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Paris, Budapest, Warsaw, Moscow and Perm (Russia) and Hong Kong
  • Used to dealing with organisations from the smallest to the largest and with people of different cultures and levels of seniority, including board level, investors, advisers, entrepreneurs
  • Exceptionally client focused: defining requirements for bespoke programmes
  • Stimulating, interactive presentations with real-life case studies.

What people say about Keith Arundale’s Private Equity training courses and seminars:

“Excellent course and trainer. Course was well structured and very relevant. Hand out folder and slides were very useful. Very pleased. Thank You” : quote from Brunei based Investment Officer attendee on Private Equity International (PEI) Private Equity Fundamentals course in Hong Kong led by Keith.

“The PE101 course was of real interest to me and x and we certainly enjoyed it to the fullest” : quote from Singapore attendee on PEI Private Equity Fundamentals course in Hong Kong led by Keith.

“Splendid session – well worth getting up at 5.30am this morning to make the trip”. “Thank you for a great session. Keith was excellent” : quotes from PE/VC seminar attendees from Right Management.

“Clearly immensely knowledgeable about the area”
: MBL Seminars venture capital course attendee.

“Excellent; lots of relevant detail & well structured content. An engaging speaker. Clearly an expert” : MBL Seminars private equity & venture capital course attendee.

“Useful overview of industry. Interesting case studies” : MBL Seminars private equity funds & management buyouts course attendee.

“You are a very good lecturer and I really enjoy our lectures”
“Thank you for giving us interesting lectures and learning materials, we really enjoy them”
“Still remember and enjoy your venture capital lectures. Those were a great value add!”
“The lectures for your module were incredibly interesting”
“The most enjoyable and engaging module that I have sat in my time at Henley Business School”
quotes from students on Keith’s private equity & venture capital undergraduate and postgraduate modules at Henley Business School. In 2024 Keith was nominated for a Teaching Excellence award at Henley Business School / ICMA Centre. The nomination said that “Keith is someone who is really good in explaining private equity and makes it interesting for students to know how it really works. He leads by example and is someone who is really attentive to small details from students”.


Keith’s courses on private equity & venture capital cover both private equity funds and management buyout deals and also venture capital deals. Private equity fund structures, raising private equity funds, structuring management buyouts, the venture capital investment process and how to build and manage private equity in an investment portfolio are covered. The outline content for the PE & MBO and the VC courses are shown below; these can be offered as separate one to two day courses or can be combined into a three day course. Shorter courses, including 2 to 3 hour seminars, can cover various elements as required by the client and can focus on private equity funds, the venture capital investment process, management buyouts and other aspects of private equity & venture capital including dissemination of Keith’s research into VC investment practices. Keith can also offer bespoke, in-house training, to cover these and additional areas where the client defines the course requirements. In all cases, Keith provides the right structure to deliver a unique training experience expressly for the client’s own people.

Private Equity core course content – one to two days covering some or all of the following areas as required:

Global trends and issues in PE and VC
The key players and their roles
The GP – LP relationship
Raising PE and VC funds
Fund strategies
Deal by deal, pledge funds, evergreen vehicles, listed funds, co-investment and direct investment
Private Placement Memoranda (participants will review a real fund PPM)
Track record and deal flow
Fund terms and conditions
Types of leveraged buyout
Methods of creating value in a management buyout deal
Structuring MBO deals
Due diligence
Operational improvements
Exiting an MBO investment.

Additional content – one day or shorter sessions covering:

Private equity as an asset class
How to build and manage a private equity programme
Asset allocation – Private equity and venture capital in the portfolio
Risk and diversification
Liquidity and returns
What to look for in a GP
Fund due diligence
Reporting and investor relations
Advisory boards
Regulation of private equity
Marketing PE and VC funds.

Venture Capital core course content – one or two days covering some or all of the following areas as required:  

Global trends in the venture capital industry
Structure of VC funds, including the GP/LP relationship
Different strategies and the theme approach to VC investing
Evaluating a business proposition
The VC investment process, including sourcing deals, internal and external due diligence, valuation methods for early stage, high growth companies, types of financing structure, venture debt, negotiating term sheets, syndicating with local and overseas VCs
Monitoring and portfolio reviews
Exiting from VC deals
Differences in approach between UK/European and US VC firms and funds (based on Keith’s research)
Best practice guidelines for VC investing (structural, operational and wider environmental characteristics)
Other alternative forms of finance, including crowdfunding, business angel finance, corporate VC.

For more information and to discuss your private equity & venture capital training requirements and the fee structure for the courses please contact Keith Arundale here or call on +44(0)1753 851878.


The only marketing course I know that is specific to my sector”

Keith’s course on marketing for private equity & venture capital firms is aimed at professionals who are responsible for the marketing function in middle-market, medium-sized private equity firms and in venture capital firms. The marketing course is also suitable for investor relations professionals and for investment executives who wish to learn more about the marketing function. The objective of the course is to develop participants’ appreciation of the need to develop an effective marketing strategy for their firm in order to achieve differentiated competitive advantage and to grow the firm successfully. The course focuses on marketing to potential investee companies, although the concepts are also relevant to the fund raising process. The course can be provided as either a one-day or a two-day course.

Marketing for Private Equity Firms course content:

How to assess the private equity marketplace including growth potential and possible areas of change in the industry and market
How to assess your firm’s current position in the marketplace, including competitor SWOTs, track record, market research, “client” feedback
Determining where your firm wants to be in the marketplace
Development of a marketing strategy to bridge the gap
Fund differentiators (USPs)
Fund strategies
Branding (and re-branding) – development of unique messages for the marketplace
Communicating your messages to the marketplace – to entrepreneurs, business owners, deal-referral sources and investors
Use of thought leadership to get your messages across
Use of spokespeople / media training / selecting and getting the most out of a PR firm
Digital marketing and use of social media
Development of a marketing calendar.

What people say about Keith Arundale’s Marketing course for private equity firms:

“An excellent course. The only marketing course I know that is specific to my sector”
“It is the first time ever that I have seen an agenda covering relevant marketing and communications issues for private equity in specific. I would definitely recommend this course to communicators active in the private equity industry” :
quotes from participants on Private Equity International’s “Marketing the Private Equity Firm” two-day course in London led by Keith.

For more information on the Marketing for Private Equity Firms course please contact Keith Arundale here or call on +44(0)1753 851878.


Keith is also an experienced trainer in proposals and presentations techniques and account planning and management. He can work with professional service firms and others in training partners and managers to win new business in any industry sector and in the management of key client and target client accounts. Training includes proposals and pitch strategic and tactical methods, team working, documentation that emphasizes “benefits” rather than “features” and effective proposals presentations and the management of key client and target accounts.

As the former Director of European Proposals Support for Price Waterhouse, Keith advised senior partners and teams in over 20 countries throughout Europe on proposals strategic advice, account planning and selling-skills as well as training international teams of partners and managers in proposals and presentations techniques.

For more information and to discuss your training requirements and the fee structure for any of these courses please contact Keith Arundale here or call on +44(0)1753 851878.

*Arundale Consulting Limited is a company incorporated in England & Wales. Registration Number 5662627. Registered Office: St Stephens House, Arthur Road, Windsor, Berkshire, United Kingdom, SL4 1RU.